Education and morality; Compatibility, variations.

education and morality,Importance of morality in education
Education and Morality 

Education and morality; Compatibility, variations. - A critical work.

Education and morality | Characteristics of moral education | Aims of moral education | Importance of morality in education.

Education and morality:

We were once primitive. We didn't know what civilization is. But even in that case, there was something to be said about morality, that we had this knowledge. As time went on, we too began to change. Our material and emotional; Both sides excelled. Our moral practice also began to grow. Once upon a time, the issue of morality took the form of a distinct branch of knowledge. We invented a method to bring it into lineage. He who knows, will tell those who do not know. We gave it the name 'education'. When we became acquainted with religion, it became embellished with letters. Religion gave us the highest lessons of morality. We institutionalized our system of education. I established a educational institute. I reached the royal building from under the tree. The teaching of our morality began to move in the same rhythm. 

Well! Now let's talk about our country. Sixteen percent were educated in the country after our independence. And about ninety-nine of them were from the city. If anyone passed the tenth grade in the village, he was a goldsmith. People from ten villages came to see him at once. At that time, when our society was in turmoil, our morality was strong. The immoral act of public speaking is far and away, our conscience would stand if anyone came near it. Our illiteracy did not become a barrier there. For example, if a boy and a girl walked the streets together, our ancestors would have considered it unclean. Thinking about the latest version of it. Warned their parents or family. We said, "This is an ancient idea. Some say, religious fanaticism." It has to be eliminated. We waved. That's right What is going to happen if it is so tight?

Characteristics of moral education:

We had another ancient feature. Separate education system for boys and girls. We said, how will this happen? Everyone's rights are equal. Why be different? It also has twice the trouble of managing it. The institutional costs are also doubled. We arranged co-education. Everyone praised. We're in front.

As we were passing through one of the stages of civilization, our education was moving in a similar fashion. Once upon a time we were modern to modern. Our education was not limited to morality but extended to many disciplines. We have become intelligent, visionary and enlightened in the glory of knowledge.
Due to our economic crisis, the size of educational institutions was small. When we became fairly transparent, we started working to improve educational institutions. We understand that there is a need for a beautiful environment with education. We have decorated the educational institute with plants, aquaculture, flowers, etc., so that the students can keep their minds and hearts in good shape while getting education. 

Students also began to enjoy. Wrapping itself in the glory of knowledge, the air of nature began to eat. We waved. Well then We are moving well
Students once enjoyed nature, either alone or in groups. The enjoyment was fresh and refreshing. They could find practical similarities between education and nature. We were overjoyed. I paint a picture of a holy society in thought, in consciousness.

Aims of moral education:

As time went on, our society also started to change. We got open media, we got Dis Antena, got infinite internet access. Students began to draw knowledge from them. All the knowledge seemed to swallow. At one time the book seemed too small compared to all this infinite wisdom.
Students started changing lives in the country and foreign movie countries. The ancient rituals have to go on for days. The globalization has to be in sync. We waved. That's right
The way students enjoy nature also began to change. They now look at nature in pairs. This method has gained popularity all over the country. Once upon a time, the process of enjoying nature either alone or with friends became extinct. 'Pairwise' method was introduced everywhere. 

Importance of morality in education:

Differences were also seen while enjoying nature. At first, students enjoyed nature in free time after class. It also became ancient. Students enjoyed nature all the time during the class, in the afternoon, in the morning. Some of them, a little more nature-loving, began to eat the breeze even after dusk. The 'Pair of Pairs' method became so popular that in the educational institutes where there was no place to enjoy nature, students began to enjoy nature in the classroom. Many again closed the doors and windows so that they could retrieve knowledge from the departed nature.

Even though we were all over the place, I could not do it. Our chest was shocked to think of the future. We cannot dismiss our Millennial teachings as moralistic. We can no longer throw away the sacred knowledge of our ancestors' morals by swallowing the activities of foreigners like air. So much for that morality, that morality is where the corpse lies, and we too will look at it, how does that happen!
Saiful Munna, BD.

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