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Syntax definition | Syntactic process with diagram | Try.Fulfil


(Short points: syntax definition, syntactic process, recursion, movement, conjoining, embedding)

Syntax is defined as a fundamental level of linguistics that studies sentence construction and helps us to understand and apply the rules for framing correct sentences in a language. The basic unit of a language is the sentence which minimally consists of a verb and a subject and maximally of a string of clauses.

Syntactic process transform or generate one structure into another structure  ( The deep structure into surface structure).
 There are four types of syntactic process:

1. Recursion - Generative/re-occurrence
2. Movement - Transformation
3. Conjoining - Combining
4.Embedding - Combining

 It is the re-occurrence of the same element. It  is a generative and infinite process. For example:
1. (adding adjective)
             The old man.
       The little old man.
       The poor little old man.

  2. (using relative pronoun) 
           This is the cat that killed the rat that was sold by the old man who lived in the city that was on the river.

recursion diagram of syntactic process
Diagram of recursion, syntactic process diagram

 There are some process of movement of sentence constituents. They are:

a) Discontinuous - He pulled down the thief.
       - He pulled the thief down.

b) Deletion: You close the window.
- Close the window.

c) Rearrangement: The door is white.
       - Is the door white?

d) Passive: He was driving the car.
      - The car was being driven by him.

Diagram of movement,syntacic process
Diagram of movement, syntactic process diagram

 It is the process of joining the clause or sentence using coordination.

e.g. The president will understand.
       The president will agree.
    Conjoining:- The president will understand and agree.
e.g. Insects were in the bed.
      Insects were on the bed.
      Insects were under the bed.
Conjoining:- Insects were in, on and under the bed.

conjoining diagram,syntactic process
Diagram of conjoining, syntactic  process diagram

Here, subordinate clause is embedded with principal clause.

e.g. The boy spoke to you. The boy is my brother.
Embedding:- The boy who spoke to you is my brother.

 e.g. ( Prepositional phrase) The house of mud is awful for its dwellers.
       - The mud house is awful for its dwellers.

embedding diagram, syntactic process
Diagram of embedding, syntactic process with diagram

Syntactic process with diagram - Bangla Lecture.

Syntax definition :

In short, syntax is knownto be the study of sentence structure. Syntax also determines placement ofwords, word combination and forms of words. Linguists analyze linguisticsprinciples and elements in the process of forming sentences. This analysis of linguisticelements happens in a level which is called syntax.

            Syntax is the study of sentence formation. Sentence isformatted with clauses, phrases and with some rules. Also, the definition ofsyntax can be the relationship of the parts of a sentence and the roles whichworks in sentence structure.

            So, it is clear that syntax contains morphology and theprinciples of sentence construction. Study of sentence helps to learn aboutdifferent classes of words and several structural facts of sentence.

    By studying syntax, we know the way bywhich children acquire language. Also the study of syntax helps to know the wayin which bilinguals and multilinguals construct sentences with different structuresof several languages.

            Toconclude, syntax is the fundamental level of linguistics which studies sentenceframing and helps to understand the rules of sentence structure.


Syntactic Process /Syntactic Processes:

The word ‘Syntacticprocess’ or ‘Syntactic Processes’ deals with the sentence framing process indifferent ways. The syntactic process or processes has four rules in number. The first rule of syntactic processes is ‘Recursion’. The second Syntactic process is ‘Conjoining’.The third syntactic rule is ‘Movement’. The last syntactic process is ‘Embedding’.Another syntactic rule which is called ‘Discontinuous constituents’.


IC analysis definition:  

IC analysisis a part of syntax which deals with immediate constituents analysis that isthe process of analyzing units of a sentence or analysis of a sentence into itsimmediate constituents.

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