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Roles of a Teacher,Roles of a teacher in a Language Teaching Classroom,Roles of a teacher in ELT classroom
Roles of a teacher, Roles of a teacher in Language Teaching Classroom.

Answer: Roles of a teacher in ELT classroom:

Teacher is the guide and observer in a language teaching classroom. He guides the topic of the class as well as the students in language learning process. A teacher facilitates the tasks and activities in the language teaching classroom. The teacher guides the students to the right directions. If students face difficulties in doing pair work or group work, teacher participates with them and help them solving it. Further, teachers monitor students’ performance in language learning process, then evaluate them.

Some salient roles of a teacher are discussed below:


Teacher as Organizer: Roles of a teacher:

Teacher’s role is to manage and organize tasks and activities of the language teaching classroom. He also has to manage classroom environment. Student’s participation in the classroom somehow rely on teacher’s skills in managing classroom environment. Teacher’s role is to make sure that the students are engaged in learning.


Teacher as the resource: Roles of a teacher:

Learners judge teachers as resources. Teachers try to make the class most interactive and learner-centered. But to the students, teachers are the prime resources. When learners can’t manage to solve problems, they ask teachers for help. Teachers will help them as a resource person. For an example, a teacher tells students to read a passage and discuss it in groups. They will do as directed and after group discussion, there will be a class discussion. Teacher will ask the questions and will give clues to the answer as a resource.

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Teacher as participant: Roles of a teacher:

In language teaching classroom, teachers play the role of a participant. They take part in activities with the students. They motivate learners by participating in their discussion. When teachers participate with the students, they can’t find way to get away from their tasks.

In Bangladesh context, most of the students don’t want to take part in the language classes. They feel less interested in it. If teachers take part with students as active participants, students will be motivated to be attentive in class.


Teacher as model: Roles of a teacher:

In language teaching classroom, a teacher should show himself as a model for the students. He will manifest the most probable ways of learning a language. Before urging students to do their tasks, teacher presents a demo/model of the tasks. Learners observe their teacher attentively, find favors and challenges of the task and then do it properly. A teacher will be a language model.


In Bangladesh, teachers are mostly known as guide or authority in language teaching classroom. Now-a-days, teachers are working as a facilitator, language model or participant in the language classroom. For this, learners are also improving their language skills.


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  • Ø  Establish conditions and develop activities.
  • Ø  Develop a positive attitude to learning a language in the students.
  • Ø  Act as facilitators, resource persons and language models.
  • Ø  Predict the possible needs of the students and have communicative activities readily available.
  • Ø  Activities should be designed so that the students experience a high degree of success.
  • Ø  Instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Ø  Develop learning materials.
  • Ø  Be aware of the course objections and ensure that the objectives are being met.
  • Ø  Serve as a language model.
  • Ø  Discover or invent ways to encourage students to communicate meaningfully with each other.
  • Ø  Aim to set up conditions for meaningful practice, take on the role of a resource person.
  • Ø  Become more knowledgeable about theories and methods of second language instruction.
  • Ø  When students work in small groups, teachers should observe the activities noting problem areas for future work.
  • Ø  Think about what to do and how and why to do when classroom moves to student centered and need based approach.
  • Ø  Use non defensive approaches and cheer up students.


* Hermer identifies a teacher as:

  •      performer
  •     controller
  •     organizer
  •     assessor
  •     prompter
  •     participant
  •     resource
  •     tutor
  •     observer



Written by: Saiful Munna, NUBD.


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