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                IC analysis deals with immediate Constituent Analysis which is a method of sentence analysis. This method was first introduced by Leonard Bloomfield, pioneer of American structuralism.

                    IC analysis is a technique of analyzing constituents of a sentence. It can be segmented from a phrase, clause or sentence. In IC analysis, a sentence is  broken up into immediate constituents. Divided constituents are also divided into further immediate constituents. This process continues until a meaningful unit of a word or a word is gotten.

                         For analyzing the IC ,we can keep an example, ''The player plays Football.'' First, it can be divided into the two ICs or single units, ''The players'' and "plays Football". Further, each of these part is divided as ''The'' and ''player'' wherein ''plays'' and ''Football''. According to this principle ,we find the final ICs of the sentence as 'the', 'player', 'plays', 'football'.

            It can be shown through a tree diagram

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IC analysis Diagram, IC analysis Tree Diagram

                    Another sentence, 'The bird eats the apple' can be shown by a tree diagram with PS or phrase structure rules. The tree structure will be generated by six rules.

1. S - NP - VP.
2. NP - DET - N.
3. VP - V - NP.
4. V - eats.
5. DET - the.
6. N - Bird, apple
(NOTE: S= sentence, NP= noun phrase, VP= verb phrase, V= verb, N= noun, DET= determiner.

                        IC analysis does not provide enough information of sentences and sentence construction. It can't identify a part of one sentence with another. Eventually, it doesn't let us know how to construct a sentence. It's the limitation of IC analysis

IC analysis through tree diagram
What is IC analysis? IC analysis tree diagram

More Information about IC analysis:

IC Analysis:

I = immediate.

C = Constituents.

IC Analysis = Immediate constituent analysis.


IC analysis is the process of analyzing units, such as word, phrase, clause or sentence which form a language. In another way, IC analysis is the analysis of a sentence to its immediate units or constituents. In this process, a sentence is broken into morphemes and analyzed. A sentence is first segmented into two and these two parts are also segmented into two and it continues until the smallest meaningful units are found. When there is difficulty in segmenting a sentence into two, then three or more is permitted.


IC analysis - Limitation:

IC analysis doesn’t trace which elements the constituent parts are. It doesn’t give much knowledge about sentence construction. IC analysis can’t indicate noun phrases are built on nouns and other phrases as the same.


Furthermore, IC analysis helps us to avoid ambiguity by understanding language units.

IC analysis examples:

  • The || Cat | run ||| s || into ||| the ||| room.
  • The || baby | bite ||| s || her ||| mom.
  • The || scholar | become ||| s || mad.
  • She | cry||| s || for ||| a ||| lollypop.
  • We | pray || forgiveness ||| to ||| Allah.
  • A || modest ||| person | hate ||| s || wine.

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