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Semantics vs Pragmatics | Difference between semantics and pragmatics.
Linguistics Suggestion | 3rd Year Suggestion 2022 | English Department, Try.Fulfil
Cardinal Vowels Through Diagram | Cardinal Vowels position through Diagram | Try Dot Fulfill
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Phases of Child Language Development / Stages of child language development.
Classification of morphemes with diagram | Major classes of morpheme.
Manners of Articulation / English phonemes according to their manners of articulation.
IC analysis through tree diagram | IC analysis diagram | IC analysis examples.
Sapir Whorf Hypothesis Bangla,Bengali lecture of sapir-whorf hypothesis.
Different aspects of Assimilation / The rules of Assimilation.
Monitor Model Theory in SLA or Second Language Acquisition
 Nativist theory of language learning /  Nativist theory of Noam Chomsky for language acquisition.
 Theories of the origin of language / Theories of Language.
Linguistics Final Suggestion -2019, Broad and Short Questions
Cooperative principle with reference to Gricean maxims / Grice's maxims
Phrase Structure Grammar with tree diagram | Strengths and limitations of PS grammar | Try Dot Fulfill
Word formation rules | Word formation process | Try Dot Fulfill