Phases of Child Language Development / Stages of child language development.

Show different stages of child language development. / Discuss different phases of child language development.

Stages of child language development.
stages of child language development

   Short Points: Child language development, stages of child language development, pre linguistic stage, babbling stage, one word stage / holophrastic stage, two word stage, telegraphic stage, later multiword stage.


                  All children acquire their mother tongue naturally. They pass some stages or phases in language acquisition. No education is required to acquire mother tongue. Different stages in child language development can be shown through a table:-

Pre linguistic stage :           1-6 months .
Babbling stage:                    6-9 months.
One word stage:                  9-18 months.
Two word stage:               18-24  months.
Telegraphic stage:            24-30 months.
Later multiword stage:    30+ months.

Pre Linguistic Stage:

                  This stage typically covers the time from child's birth to 6 months. During 1-2 months, a child make crying and fussing. With infant's growing, the vocal tract gradually reshapes itself. During 2-4 months, children make comfort sounds. They sighs and further coos. During 4-6 months, children produce growls, yells, nasal murmurs and snorts.

Babbling Stage:

                     This stage covers the time from 6-9 months. When children use their speech organ to make sounds, this is called babbling. In this phase, repeated sentences are produced like (babababa). Babbling is produced in interactions with caregiver. A large variety of sounds seems to include in this time.

One Word Stage / Holophrastic Stage:

                    The period of 9 to 18 months is traced as the one word or holophrastic stage. In this stage, infants act on their surroundings and gather knowledge. Now, infants produce single word utterances. Children normally have 50 words vocabulary. The first words contain the consonants /p,b,t,d,m,n/ and the vowels /  æ,e /.
In 12 and 20 months, they have much grammatical expressions in their brain.
Eventually, infants use greetings or primitive expressions in this single word stage, like Hi, Oh-oh, dog etc.

Two Word Stage:

                          This period's duration is from 18 to 24 months. In this time, children produce two word utterances, like "baby table." After six months of two word phase. infants develop production ability, capacity to understand intonation and stress.
They use limited diphthongs, follow some grammatical rules. They mark both the action and the mover, e.g. 'Doggie walk' or both the movable and it's place, e.g. 'pen table'. It means 'the pen is in the table' and 'the dog is walking'.

Telegraphic Stage:

                            This stage occurs from 24 to 30 months. Infants produce sounds with more than two words. The words that carry the main message are uttered without small function words. e.g. 'What her name', 'Mummy bath morning', 'What that' etc. This sounds are called telegraphic speech. It carries morphemes that carry significant semantic elements.

Later Multiword Stage:

                               In this stage, children produce grammatical or functional structures. Telegraphic speech alters with adult forms. Children usually produce multiword sounds without grammatical errors. 
1. He's moving a wheel. His climbing up (24 months)
2. I'm giving this nice ball. Me'll give it. (30 months)
3. Jam haven't closed yet, has he? (36 months)

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