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Places of articulation / Consonant sounds according to their places of articulation.
Chomsky's contribution in linguistics | Competence and performance | Try.Fulfill
Semantics and lexical relations / Provide an analysis of major lexical relations.
Saussure's contribution in linguistics | Langue and Parole | Syntagmatic and Paradigmatic relationships | Try.Fulfill
Differences between spoken language and written language | Try Dot Fulfill
Features of Language / Aspects / Properties of Language | Try.Fulfil
Organs of Speech with diagram | Classification of Organs of speech  | Try.Fulfil.
Syntax definition | Syntactic process with diagram | Try.Fulfil
Different varieties of sociolinguistics | Varieties of language in sociolinguistics | Try.Fulfil
Sapir Whorf hypothesis summary | Sapir Whorf hypothesis examples | Try.Fulfill