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PS grammar, phrase structure grammar.

(Short Points: Definition, Diagram, Nodes, Interpretation, Explanation, Dominion of nodes, 16 sentences, Limitations)

Phrase Structure Grammar with tree diagram:

Strengths and limitations of PS grammar:

Phrase structure grammar is a model of generative grammar which exhibits how a sentence can be broken into various constituents and how each constituents can be expanded. The representation of a phrase structure in a sentence is known as "phrase marker" or "P-marker".

It can be described by a tree diagram. Phrase structure tree diagram given below mentioning this sentence " The boy saw a man".

Phrase structure grammar tree diagram, ps grammar tree diagram
Phrase structure grammar tree diagram, PS grammar tree diagram.

The points that are joined by the lines are called 'nodes'. Each of the nodes, except the bottom represents a grammatically definable constituent, N, V, NP, VP etc. The higher nodes of the tree dominates over the lower nodes. Dominance shows that a larger constituent may contain one or more constituents.

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PS trees shows information of sentence structure and state how new sentences can be generated.

Interpretation of the example sentence.
1. S = NP-VP
2. VP = V-NP
3. NP = DET-N
4. V= saw
5. DET= the, a
6. N= boy, man

Explanation: A sentence (S) is formed by a noun phrase (NP) and a verb phrase (VP). A verb phrase can consist of a verb (V) and a noun phrase (NP). And a noun phrase (NP) can be consist of a determiner (DET) and noun (N).

The first node(S) dominates over NP and VP and VP dominates over V and NP. The other nodes also dominating over lower nodes by the way.

The above mentioned rules do not generate only the sentence "The boy saw a man". As 'the' and 'a' are determiners and 'boy' and 'man' are nouns, the rules permit us to set the determiners in each determiner position and the nouns to each noun position. It can generate at least 16 sentences.

Such as: 
* A man saw the boy.
* The man saw a boy.
* A boy saw a boy.

Limitations of PS grammar:
PS grammar is a grammar of segmentation and categorization, a grammar of lists, a lists of elements and grammar of sequences of elements. It's incapable of accounting all the intentions of native speakers. It fails to understand all the synonymies, fails to disambiguate all the ambiguities.


For Long Answer:

PS grammar with tree diagram:

Phrase structure grammar or PS grammar is a model of the generative grammar which analyzes sentence structure. In phrase structure grammar, a sentence is broken into constituents and these constituents are expanded. Phrase marker or P-marker is a sign which represent phrase structure of a sentence.

            I.e. The lion chased an ox.

In this example, the sentence (S) can be interpreted with two phrases. One is verb phrase (VP), another is noun phrase (NP). ‘The lion’ is the noun phrase (NP) and ‘chased an ox’ is the verb phrase (VP). The noun phrase (NP) ‘The lion’ can consist of a noun (N) ‘lion’ and a determiner (DET) ‘the’. Furthermore, the verb phrase (VP) can be expanded into a verb (V) ‘chased’ and a noun phrase (NP) ‘an ox’. Then, this noun phrase (NP) can consist of a determiner (DET) ‘an’ and a noun (N) ‘ox’.


In phrase structure grammar, a determiner can be posited in another determiner position as well as a noun in another noun position.


              A lion chased the ox.

              The ox chased a lion.

              The ox chased an ox.

              The lion chased a lion.


In intransitive verbs, the verb phrase can’t be always segmented into (NP), but into (V).


              The boy died.

              (VP – V.)


Limitations of phrase structure grammar:

A phrase structure grammar doesn’t deal with transformation of sentences. It only identifies the phrases and constituents of a sentence.

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