Reading Writing previous brief solution | Reading Writing brief question suggestions with answers.

 Reading Writing previous brief solution, Honours 2nd year / Reading Writing brief question suggestions with answers.


1. What is writing?

Ans: Writing deals with the activity of composing a text.

2. What is the process of writing?

Ans: The process of writing is to guide the writer from the beginning of writing to create a finished piece.

3. What are the five steps of the writing process?

Ans: The five stages of the writing process are 1. Pre writing. 2. Writing. 3. Revision. 4. Editing. 5. Publishing.

4. What means writing style?

Ans: Writing style refers to how the writer chooses to express himself or herself through his/her writing.

5. What are the four separate types of writing style?

Ans: The four types of writing style are: 1. Expository style. 2. Descriptive style. 3. Persuasive style. 4. Narrative style.

6. What is case study?

Ans: Case study means the process of presenting and collecting detailed information concerning a particular data or people.

7. What is revision?

Ans: Revision is the process of changing a piece of writing to improve it's style or content.


8. What is proofreading?

Ans: It is the process of close reading of your work when you look for mistakes and try to fix them.

9. What is deadline?

Ans: Deadline is the latest date of submitting your essay or other assignment.

10. What is editing?

Ans: Editing is the process of correcting and accommodating a text.

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11. What is thesis?

Ans: Thesis is a type of paper where a writer present his/her research and finding to certain field of science.

12. What is a format?

Ans: A format is a manner in which your writing is prepared and presented.

13. What is GPO style?

Ans: It is a writing style set by United States Government Printing Office Manual, mainly used for government printing.

14.What is ISBN?

Ans: It is a unique number assigned to each book by it's publisher to help you to identify it.

15. What is MS?

Ans: MS is an abbreviation for manuscript.

16. What is plagiarism?

Ans: Plagiarism is an attempt to use the idea of someone or his piece of writing as your own.

17. What is bibliography?

Ans: Bibliography is a list of resources consulted by you during the process of essay writing such as: books, websites, journals, papers ,people etc.

18. What is brainstorming?

Ans: Brainstorming is the process that take place before your essay writing, when you choose a topic, statement to talk about, tips etcetera.

19. What is APA style?

Ans: APA style is a citation style, set by American psychological Association, mostly used by the students of social science. APA style is one of the most widely used style for formatting.

20. What is MLA style?

Ans: It is a citation style used for the majority of essays and research papers.

21. Mention one difference of between MLA style and APA style.

Ans: In MLA style , author's full name is spelled out containing first name and last name. But in APA style, author's last name is spelled out only and the first name is reduced to initials.

22. Make a list of five common punctuation marks.

Ans: The list of five common punctuation marks are here: 1. Full stop (.) 2. Comma (,) 3. Question mark (?) 4. Exclamation mark (!) 5. Quotation Mark (" ")

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