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        Language and culture are closely related in different ways. For a explicit understanding of the relationship between language and culture, it is better to get familiar with their definition first.

Language is the medium of communication by which we express our thoughts and ideas to interact with others.

        Whereas, culture is defined as a blend of thought patterns and characteristics of a group of people. The word "culture" derived from the Latin term "colere" which means to grow something from the earth. So, when people interact with each other, they grow together which forms their culture.

        Usually, the term 'culture' is defined using external aspects such as: - language, traditions, religion, arts and etc. But culture is something deeper than these factors. It refers to the way we think and interact with those factors around us.

Let us now study some major concerns with the relation of language to culture:

        Firstly, language is determined by culture. Early anthropologist, following the theory that words determine thought, believed that language and its structure were entirely depended on the cultural context in which they existed. There was a logical extension that views the human mind as an indefinitely malleable structure capable of observing any sort of culture, without constraints from genetic or neurological factors.

Obviously, the ancient Romans did not have words for radios, televisions, computers because this items were simply not part of their cultural context. It is conspicuous that our culture sometimes restrict what we can think about efficiently in our own language.

            Secondly, culture is determined by language or language is a part of culture. It is quite common for immigrants to a new country to retain their old customs and to speak their first language or mother tongue amid fellow immigrants even if all presents are comfortable in their new language.


            Cultural identity can be marked by language although the language can be used to express their processes and developments, like when intentions are explained in the language by a specific speaker. A specific language may refer to a particular cultural group.

                Culture is not learnt by imitation but it is learnt by oral instruction. And there could be some imitation, if the learner is still young with language, methods of social control, products techniques and skills are explained.

            Thus, language and culture are very closely associated with each other, and hence influence each other to a substantial extent.

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Discuss the relationship between language and culture
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