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 The science which studies the origin, organization, nature and development of language descriptively, historically and comparatively is defined as linguistics.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language. The following Arguments are usually shown to establish it as a science.

        At first, like other Sciences linguistics has a subject matter. As the subject matter, a language has to be clear, explicit and explained and defined.

        Secondly, the study of language has to be based or an objective of observation or investigation. The observations may include listening, phonetics, transcription etc.

        Furthermore, the result of observation and investigation must be arranged in a systematic way.

This must be conducted as an effort to show relationship within the subject and matter or linguistics. This also means to make the readers easy to read and study. Thus, systematic arrangement is also needed by linguistics.


 In another way, Linguistics has remarkable relation with other natural sciences, viz, mathematics, physics and psychology through the structures of human organs.

     To sum up, we can say that like a scientist, a linguist observes his data, uses different instruments, develops hypothesis, makes generalized statements to prove the facts of language and uses his own language laboratory. In a word, all the qualities of a science are found in linguistics. So, linguistics can be considered as a science.

Mst. Alpona Khatun,NU,BD
Miftahul Jannat, Daffodil University.

To what extent linguistic considered as a science
To what extent linguistic considered as a science

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