Theories of the origin of language / Theories of Language.

Theories of the origins of language
Theories of the origins of language / Theories of Language.

Describe the theories of the origin of language /  Describe the theories of Language.


We don't know when language actually originated. There are many theories to reveal and describe the origins of language.
They are discussed below: 

1. The ta ta theory: 
It's believed that language may have derived from gestures. Body movements led language. It appeared into existence as a vocal imitation of physical stirs. 

2. The mama theory:
 In this theory, language began with the easiest syllables or most flexible sounds which are significant and of utmost importance.

3. The pooh pooh theory:
 According to this theory,language started from emotions,passions,feelings and intensions. Such as, Oh! for surprise and Aww for scare, Wow for surprise.

4. The bow wow theory:
 It is also believed that language began from natural sounds. In ancient time, human beings listened and observed sounds in nature and imitated them to express their ideas. Sounds as moo,crash,buzz,meew etc.

5. The ding dong theory:
 In this theory,it's esteemed that there is a correspondence  between sounds and meanings. Small,sharp and high things have words with high front vowels in many languages. Same as,big,round and low things have sounds with round back vowels.

6. The sing song theory
Language came out of laughter,play,courtship,cooing,emotional mutterings and so on suggested by Jesperson.

7. The yo he ho theory:
 It is said that language began as rhythmic anthem,probably from the grunts of heavy work.

8. The hocus pocus theory: There is an idea that language may have had some roots in magical or religious aspect of ancestor's lives.

9. The eureka theory: This theory says language was probably invented. Some ancestors had the knowledge of assigning arbitrary sounds to mean things. These sounds gradually were put into a system that became language.

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