John Donne's short life story



   JOHN DONNE'S LIFE - In a nutshell / John Donne's short life story.

Born into a Catholic family in 1572, when the society was Protastant.
Father died in 1576 ,mother remarried a wealthy man.
Entered Oxford at 11 ,then at Cambridge .
Never received degrees , due to Catholicism.
First book of poems "Satires".
At 25, was appointed private secretary to Sir Thomas Eagerton.
Converted to Anglicanism.
Became a Member of Parliament in 1601.
Secretely married 16 years old Anne More, the Niece of Egerton.
Anne's father George More , disapproved of the marriage , did not provide a dowry .
Egerton had him imprisoned.
In 1610, published Anti-Catholic polemic.
In 1617, his wife Anne died after giving birth to their 12th child.
In 1621, became dean of St. Paul's Cathedral.
Was appointed Vicar of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West.
Before died, delivered a pre-funeral sermon "Death's Duel".

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