Tragic hero/Macbeth/Consider Macbeth as a tragic hero.

Macbeth as a tragic hero

Macbeth as a tragic hero


Consider Macbeth as a tragic hero / How Macbeth can be considered as a tragic hero?

(Short Points: Tragic hero, Macbeth, Two sides of Macbeth, Bad qualities, Good qualities, Tragic flaw, Conclusion)

Tragic hero: 
A tragic hero must be good but not perfect. He has some error in judgement. He moves from happiness to misery and ultimately dies. His fall is not due to vice or depravity but rather to some error. He enjoys prosperity and a high reputation.


* An example of Shakespearean tragic hero.
* A person of great eminence.
* A man of noble birth,holds a lofty position in society.
* Has exceptional qualities which command respect,makes him above the common run of mankind.
* One who is much above the ordinary beings.
* Brave general,bold,resolute man of action.

Two sides:
 A tragic hero - Neither too good nor too bad.
Macbeth - Both good and bad sides. When the witches prophesy that he will be the king,he begins to have dark thoughts to be the king

Bad qualities: 
* Assassinated King Duncan and becomes the king.
* Did many heinous activities.
* Murdered Banquo and Fleance.
* Slaughtered every single member of Macduff's family.

Good qualities: 
* Nor bad at all.
* A great,loyal soldier who defeated Macdonwald and the Norwegian king.
* Described as " Valour's minion" and " Bellonal's bridegroom"
* King titled him " Thane of Cawdor" and visits his place.

Tragic flow:
 * Possesses fatal flaw in his character.
* His ' ambition' is his tragic flaw and it leads him to doom.
* The witches prophesies - he will be the 'Thane of Glamis and Cawdor', 'The king hereafter" that makes him ambitious.
* After fulfilling the first prophesy,becomes restless for the final of being king of Scotland.
* It gives birth the evil in his mind ,being inspired by Lady Macbeth,he killed Duncan. It's his first and most serious step towards his tragedy.

* The suffering of the tragic hero arouses pity and fear.
* Fall of Macbeth arouses less sympathy than that of other tragic heroes. e.g. Hamlet,Othello,King Lear.
* Different from other tragic heroes.
* Forfeits sympathy at the middle of the play.
* Begins as a hero and ends as a villain.
* From brave soldier,noble person to soulless person,slaughtered like a beast.

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