Tips for English Speaking / How to be a fluent speaker

Tips for English Speaking / How to be a fluent speaker.


There are some tips for speaking fluently. You'll make yourself confident if you follow this speaking tips.
1. Remove shyness:
 Shyness is the salient obstacle to new speakers.  Those who are fresh minded and bold,they can speak better than the shy persons.
2. Self Confidence : 
 Self confidence is the context of fluent speaking.  If you make you confident to be a fluent speaker, once you must fulfil your desire.
3. Thinking in English :
 Everytime and everywhere what you think, try to turn your thinking into English from your native language. 
4. Interaction : 
Not confining your eagerness and passion of speaking, vent it to your nearest friends.  You must get one from your friends who has same tendency of you and make conversation with him/her as daily as possible.
5. Be normal:
 Don't be boastful or over excited while you speak in English, just think English is your native language and you are speaking in your own language. 

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