How to be safe from Coronavirus,Covid-19

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How to be safe from Corona

Corona virus first was detected in Uhan the capital of Hubei province of China in 31 December 2019.

From then, thousands of people have been died by the infection of this fatal virus.  WHO has introduced it as COVID-19 (corona virus disease 2019). It's also named as Ncov-19.
So, medical technologists are showing some common etiquette to be safe from the infection of Corona. They are in below:

★ Wash hands with soap and water as much as possible.
★ Clean the dirty clothes.
★ Be far from infected people.
★ Maintain the etiquette of cough.  Cover nose and mouth with tissue, cloth or upper hand  while snatching and coughing.
★ Stay at home as much as possible and use a mask to go out.
★ Avoid company of sick animals and birds.
★ Cook fish,meat/beef welly.
★ Avoid handshake and hug.
★ Try not to spit here and there.
★ Avoid touching mouth and nose.

After all, we should pray to Almighty to safe us from this dangerous havoc.

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