Sylvia Plath's short life story.

Sylvia Plath's short life story
Sylvia Plath's short life story

Sylvia Plath's short life story / Sadistic life of Sylvia Plath.

Sylvia Plath was a prominent 20th century writer. She got Pulitzer Prize. She led a mournful life that led her to suicide. She lost her father at 8 and had friends who committed suicide. Her husband had an affair with Assia,wife of a poet David.

* Plath was born in 1932 in Boston. 
* Her father ceased life at 8 of her. She grew up in Wellesley.
* In summer of 1953,she applied for the Harvard summer writing program,hearing that not been admitted she attempted suicide and treated to the hospital.
* By reading Botolph's Review,she was impressed by Ted Hughes poem.
* She went to the publication party and recited Hughes poems to him. They danced,being drank kissed each other,she bit his cheek until bled.
* They were married within a few months in 1956.
* Plath's first daughter Frieda was born in 1960.
* They moved in Devon and left their London flat to a poet David and his wife Assia Wevill.( with her Hughes had affair.)
* Their second child Nicholas was born in 1962.
* Ted Hughes made an affair with  Assia which broke Plath's marriage with him.
* Plath moved back to London and started to live in a flat where W.B. Yeats once had lived.
* In a cold winter,her children were sick.
* She left them in a separate aired-out room and gassed herself on death.
* It was on February 11,1963 when she was only 30 years old.
* In 1982,she was awarded Pulitzer Prize posthumously.

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