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Important Short Questions Notes of History of English Literature,The Spectator,Origin of Species,non-dramatic verse writers of Elizabethan age - Part :04


Q. Write about The Spectator. 


The 18th century is usually characterized as an age of prose literature. In fact, the age is found rich in prose writings. In the periodical essay of the 18th century, the Spectre, a joint venture of Addison and Steele, is an important literary name. It was first published in 1711. The Spectator, that followed Steele's the Tatler, was a daily and the united efforts of the two masterminds raised the essays. The Spectator of Addison and Steele is found endowed with a definite plan. It consists of a series of literary essays, concerned with social moral and manners. Each issue of the Spectator contains a simple thought. This is different distinctly from the next issue, but, at the same time, all issues bear a family likeness.

                    The first essay, Mr. Spectator, gives an account of the author himself. The essayist here draws a character sketch of the Spectator,  with a specific attention to different aspects of his nature. The second essay is on the Spectator Club. Here a sketch of the other members of the club is drawn.

                   The achievement of the Spectator was mainly the development of character sketch. Addison in the Spectator writes a series of papers which is known as Coverley Papers. In other words, Addison satirizes the eccentricities of Sir Roger in the Coverley Papers published in the Spectator. The Coverley Papers have elements of a novel which eventually help the development of the 19th Century novels. The Spectator is found to be the reservoir for the development of journalistic writing in the days to come.

Q. What is the Origin of Species.


The Origin of Species is an earth- shaking book which was written by Charles Darwin. The book was published in 1859. It is based on the research of Charles Darwin on  anthropological aspects of human lives on earth. It gave the theory of evolution that challenged the long established faith of Christianity and other religions about the creation of humans and other creation on earth. This book shook the pillars of religious faith that the man is created by God. Rather, it expressed that man was born out of evolution for thousand of years. It  expressed that no supreme being namely god or Allah is present.

                     Rather, nature creates and destroys its creature in natural process.Thus, this book gave a new philosophy, new faith, new concept about life and world. Thus, it proved to be a book on history, philosophy, anthropology and cosmology. It had a deep and long lasting influence in Europe as well as in the whole world. Now people learned  to question, to doubt, to challenge the long established faith.

Q. Name non-dramatic verse writers of Elizabethan age.


 The Elizabethan age, the golden age of English literature is famous not only because of the creation of famous dramas and poems but also because of the creation of dramatic verses. This age has marked the presence of a series of non-dramatic verse writers like__  Edmund Spenser, Thomas Sackville, Thomas Norton, Sir Philip Sidney, George Chapman and Michael Dreyton. Each of these dramatic verse writers or dramatic poets have contributed a lot to the field of English dramatic verse.The most famous works of Edmund Spenser are "The Faerie Queene" and "The Shepherd's Calendar". Thomas Sackville's  and Thomas Norton's famous work is Gorboduc. Sir Philip Sidney's  famous works are Astrophel and Stella.  The famous works of George Chapman and Michael Dreyton are "Chapman's Homer" and "Polyolbion". Thus, the Elizabethan non-dramatic verse writers have enriched the English literature through their dramatic verses.

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