Dr. Faustus Prologue and Epilogue | What is the purpose and Significance of the prologue and the epilogue in Dr Faustus?

What is the purpose and Significance of the prologue and the epilogue in Dr Fautus? Easy and short note on Dr. Faustus' Prologue and Epilogue.


            If anyone says that Dr. Faustus has any central message one might argues that the message is “Avoid excessive pride and always be obedient to God”. This message is plainly vented both in the prologue of the play and in the epilogue in the same way.



             A prologue is an introduction or preface which is usually written at the begging of a play. In Greek and Roman drama, a speaker used to give background information to the audience in a short speech before the entrance of the chorus and at the beginning of the main action of the play.


Significance of Prologue in Dr Faustus:

                 The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus of Christopher Marlowe has a prologue which is spoken by the Chorus. The Chorus here is a single actor who introduces the play. His main purpose is to help the development of the drama by making appropriate comments on action and characters of the drama.

            In the prologue we get a brief sketch of Dr. Faustus, the changes of his fortunes. He was born in a humble family of Germany, grew up as a great scholar and master almost all the branches of learning but became inordinately ambitious to acquire super-human powers and hence stooped very low to study practice the black magic. His condition was like that of Icarus who aspired to fly too near to the sun with waxen wings and got himself drowned into the sea.



         An epilogue is a conclusion of a novel, play or a long poem. In drama, the epilogue is usually a plea by one of the actors for the good will of the audience and the indulgence of the critics.


Significance of Epilogue in Dr Faustus: 

            In a fable, the epilogue is a statement of practical application, the point or moral. The epilogue in Dr. Faustus is spoken by the Chorus who moralizes upon the meteoric rise and tragic and premature end of Dr. Faustus. The Chorus first compares Faustus with a young plant that could have gained its magnificent height and borne ripe fruits had it not been cut down untimely.

             Faustus, the vast scholar, who won the laurels of Apollo, the emblem of uncommon learning has met with a tragic end premature death. Because of his insatiable thirst for super- human powers and knowledge he surrendered his soul to the Devil Lucifer and this brings about his ultimate doom and damnation. So the Chorus says that the wise men should take a moral lesson from the tragic story of Faustus. None should hanker after limitless power and knowledge by degrading human soul to a vile depth. Thus, the writer's purpose was to convey the central message. And therefore, the prologue and epilogue are so much significant in Doctor Faustus.


Written by: Miftahul Jannat,

Daffodil University, BD.

Dr. Faustus Prologue and Epilogue | What is the purpose and Significance of the prologue and the epilogue in Dr Faustus?
prologue and epilogue in Dr Faustus

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