Criticism Suggestion | Literary Criticism Suggestion: 4th Year English Department.

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Literary CRITICISM final Suggestion - 4th Year (17-18 and Improve).

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Short Questions:    by TRY.FULFIL and LEARN WITH POLASH


The Study of Poetry (***)

1.What are the limitations of Victorian criticism? [Study Guide, Page-25]

2. Why does Arnold call the 18th century an age of prose and reason? [S.G.P-28]

3. Comment on Arnold's view about the qualities of classical poets. [S.G.P-27]

4. How does Arnold describe the 18th century literature or poetry? [S.G.P-28]


5. Describe in short the different estimates or methods enunciated by Arnold? [ S.G.P-26]

The Metaphysical Poets (***)                      By:TRY.FULFIL

1. How does Eliot refute Johnson's remark about the metaphysical poets that "the most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by violence together"? [S.G.P-73)

2. How did Eliot assess Johnson as a critic of the metaphysical poets? [S.G.P-79]

3. How does Eliot distinguish between the unification of sensibility and the dissociation of sensibility"? [S.G.P-81]

Introduction to Culture and Imperialism (***)

1. Why does Edward Said call his Culture and Imperialism an 'exile's book'? [S.G.P-137]

2. How, according to Edward Said, culture serve as an instrument of imperialism? [S.G.P-134]

3. Trace after Edward Said the relationship between the novel and the Western Empire? [S.G.P-137]

4. What are Said's main concerns of writing Culture and Imperialism? [S.G.P-132]

The Rise of English (***)                          By:TRY.FULFIL

 1. What, according to Eagleton, was the literary background of the eighteenth century England? (S.G.P-185]

2. How did the development of English help British Imperialism flourish in the 19" Century and onwards? [S.G.P-186]

3. Why was Scrutiny project an absurd movement in context of "The Rise of English"? [S.G.P-189]

*** Try to complete all questions of SET suggestion.


Broad Questions:   by TRY.FULFIL and LEARN WITH POLASH


The Study of Poetry (***)

 1.."Poetry is the criticism of life, governed by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty."-Discuss./ Do you agree with Matthew Amold that poetry is the criticism of life? Give reasons for your answer. [Study Guide, Page-49]

2..Discuss Mathew Arnold's views on characteristics of good poetry. What, according to Matthew Arnold, are the functions of poetry? How far are they acceptable? [S.G.P-47]

3..Critically analyse Arnold's assessment of the poetry written in the 17th and 18th centuries in England. / How does Amold evaluate Dryden, Pope, Gray and Burns? Do you agree with him? [S.G.P-]

The Metaphysical Poets (***)                     By:TRY.FULFIL

1. How does Eliot refute Johnson's remark on the poet whom he classified as metaphysical? [S.G.P-106]

2. How does Eliot distinguish between "unification of sensibility" and "dissociation of sensibility" in The Metaphysical Poets? [S.G.P-109]

3. What method does Eliot suggest for the assessment of the poets wrongly called the metaphysicals by Johnson? What would such method lead to? (S.G.P-98]

4. How does Eliot justify that the Elizabethan and the Jacobean poets were intelligent and the later poets were reflective? [S.G.P-100]


5. Why does T.S. Eliot praise Donne's ability to unify the intellectual thoughts and sensation of feeling? [S.G.P-112]

Introduction to Culture and Imperialism (***)

1. Discuss the role of the English novels in perpetuating imperial rule. [S.G.P-156]

2. What nature of Western Imperialism is highlighted by Edward Said in his "Introduction to Culture and Imperialism"? [S.G.P-158]

3. What made Said write his book Culture and Imperialism? [S.G.P-150]

4. How does Edward Said show culture as an instrument of imperialism? [S.G.P-151]



The Rise of English (***)                             By:TRY.FULFIL

1. Discuss, after Eagleton, how the 'Rise of English' is connected with the growth and consolidation of Imperialism. [S.G.P-209]

2. Bring out how Eagleton links the rise of English to the crisis in modern civilization. [S.G.P-206]

3. Discuss the evolution of English from the 18th century to the present with reference to Terry Eagleton's The Rise of English. [S.G.P-215]


4. Discuss the prose style of Terry Eagleton with reference to "The Rise of English". [S.G.P-219]

*** Try to complete all questions of SET suggestion.


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