Criticism Short question with answer clue (100% common)Suggestion 2020

Introduction to Literary Critism, Short suggestion, most common.

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Introduction to Literary Criticism
     Short question suggestion 2020

1. Describe the elements of tragedy. ( Answer: Study guide,page-27)

2. What are the four objections raised against poetry in 'An Apology for Poetry'? (Ans: All in One,P-674,para- 3.
3. What led Wordsworth to write 'Preface to Lyrical Ballads'? (Study guide,p-211)
4. How does Johnson differentiate between Shakespeare's tragedies and comedies? (All in One,p-687,para-2)
5.Describe Coleridge's view on Fancy and Imagination. (study guide,p-271)
6. What does Aristotle say about dramatic unities?
7. What are the reasons of Shakespeare's universal popularity/ Poet of nature? (Study guide,148)
8. Write a short note on Shakespeare's poetic diction. (Study guide,216)
9. What are Wordsworth's comment about the function of a poet.(All in On e,693,para-2)
10. According to Wordsworth,what is the connection between good poetry and feelings? (Study guide,219)

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