Theme of death and mortality in Riders to the Sea and Hamlet.

Theme of death and mortality
Death and mortality in Riders to the Sea and Hamlet.

Compare and contrast the theme of death and mortality as portrayed in Riders to the Sea and Hamlet.


   Death and mortality have been presented in a severe and obliged manner in the plays Riders to the Sea and Hamlet. In measuring Hamlet,the central six characters who drank the beverage of death had met a severe fate. Thus,the phenomenon of mortality has been displayed devastatingly here.

In Riders to the Sea,death is a certain fact. All the dwellers of the sea shore of Aran Island are  obliged to accept death in any time. It's must and normal fact to them. Death disclaoses it's dark shape here.

                   In Hamlet,the characters wasn't ready to accept death. They expected throne and long lives. But in turn,by fate,they were the hunt of death. They were bound to accept the devastating power of death.

Wherein Riders to the Sea,Bartley and Michael lost their lives about being assured. Because the dwellers of sea shore depend on Sea. They know that today or tomorrow they must travel or ride on sea and lose their life. It was also happened to the male characters of the play.

              By judging Hamlet,we get engulfed by the philosophy that the greed of reign and offences of life lead all to a severe fortune. If we point the vices of Claudius and Polonius and their death,we may have proof of this idea.

To measure Riders to the Sea,death is a normal phenomenon to men and women. But their urge of livelihood lead them to accept it. They know their fate well and ride on sea. The universality of death is presented in the play clearly.

                      It's obvious to vent that the presentation of death and mortality in these plays help us to accept our own mortality. Hamlet shows us the eventual consequence of greed and vicious life. We also get acknowledged about the universality of death by going through Riders to the Sea. We are mortal in born and compelled to accept death. These two dramas disclose our eye of observation of fate and certain life ending.

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