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Iliad Summary – Introduction:

Greek poet Homer, it is believed that he was blind according to a blind character in his epic The Odyssey. His birth place and birth year both aren’t sure. His two epic poems Iliad and Odyssey are the most famous epics in world mythology.

The Iliad was an oral poem in its origin. It was found written in the earliest manuscripts from 3rd century BCE.  The war of Troy regarding Helen is the main theme of the poem. The story of Iliad is a combination of myth, legend and fact. The place Troy is situated in northwestern Anatolia, a part of modern Turkey.


Title meaning of The Iliad - Iliad Summary:

The word ‘Iliad’ is the combination of two Greek and Latin word. ‘Iliad’ has two part: ``Ili and Ad.” The first two syllables ‘Ili ‘has come from the Greek word ‘ Ilios or Ilion’ and Latin word ‘ Ilium’ means “ Troy.” The suffix (ad) added to Iliad means ‘related to’.

So, the meaning of the ‘Iliad’ is “A story related to Troy.” Thus, the title meaning of The Iliad is same.


Iliad Character List – Iliad Summary:

The characters of Iliad are divided into three groups. 1. Greeks. 2. Trojans. 3. Gods.

Iliad Character list – Greeks:


Agamemnon: Chief Commander of Greek Army, Brother of Menelaus.

Briseis: Captive mistress of Achilles, Agamemnon taken her from Achilles.

Achilles: Greatest warrior of Greek Army, king of Myrmidons, son of goddess Thetis.

Menelaus: First husband of Helen, brother of Agamemnon, king of Sparta.

Helen: Wife of Menelaus, mistress of Paris.

Odysseus / Ulysses: King of Ithaka.

Aias / Ajax: Second powerful warrior of the Greek.

Diomedes: Greet soldier, fought bravely with the help of goddess Athena.

Patroclus: Friend of Achilles, was killed by Hector.

Nestor: Old king, advised Agamemnon.


Iliad Character List – Trojans:

Priam: King of Troy, father of Hector and Paris.

Hecuba: Queen of Troy, mother of Hector and Paris.

Hector: Chief Commander of Trojan Army, brother of Paris, son of Priam and Hecuba.

Paris: Brother of Hector, son of Priam and Hecuba, abducted Helen from Sparta.

Aeneas: Powerful soldier.

Sarpedon: Son of god Zeus, was killed by Patroclus.


Iliad Character List – Gods:

Zeus: King of the gods, neutral in the war.

Hera / Juno: Queen of the gods, supported the Greeks.

Athena / Minerva: Goddess of war, wisdom; supported the Greeks.

Poseidon/Neptune: God of the sea, supported the Greeks.

Hephaestus/Vulcan: God of the smithy, supported the Greeks.

Thetis: Mother of Achilles, first supported Trojans and then Greeks.


Aphrodite/Venus: Goddess of beauty, love; supported the Trojans.

Apollo: Feared sun god, supported the Trojans.

Ares/Mars: The god of war, supported the Trojans.

Artemis/Diana: The goddess of hunting, supported the Trojans in the war.

Hades: God of the underworld.

Hermes/Mercury: The messenger god, guides Priam to Achilles.


Iliad Summary / summary of The Iliad:


The story of Iliad starts in the Greek ship. The Greek were plagued by Apollo for capturing Chryseis. To get rid of plague, Agamemnon released Chryseis and took Briseis from Achilles whom Achilles found as war captive. In rage, Achilles deserted the war.

The war was in field. All decided, “As the war is for Helen, so Menelaus and Paris will fight. And who will win, will get Helen, then the war will be finished.” The fight between Menelaus and Paris began and Menelaus won the fight. Then Aphrodite helped Paris to get inside Troy.

At that time, battle ensued between The Greeks and The Trojans. During the battle, Diomedes fought bravely with the help of Athena. Battle between Ajax and Hector proceeded later. After that Greeks made a wall around their ships.

In the meantime, king god Zeus helped the Trojans while Trojan Commander pushed the Greek Army back.

Being in a fear of defeat, Agamemnon offered Achilles with prizes and Briseis. But Achilles refused his proposal.

Patroclus, fried of Achilles wore Achilles shield and fought with Hector and Hector killed him. Hearing the death news, Achilles raged and joined the war with the new armor given by his mother. He killed Hector mercilessly. He brought Hector’s body to Greek camp.

After all, Priam begged Hector’s body to Achilles and Achilles accepted his plea.

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