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How to be fluent English speaker – Physical Tasks.

With some mental tasks, we also have to do some physical tasks to be fluent English speaker. These tasks are described below:

       1. Presentation Skill in ‘How to be fluent English speaker.’


            Presentation skill is a unique skill of a person. It make a person’s personality attractive and acceptable to all. A person who can present something well in his own language, can present something in the second language or English as well. So, we everybody should improve our presentation skill as far we can to be fluent English speaker.

        To improve presentation skill Teaching is a best method. By teaching, we try much to present something in its best position. So, teaching can improve our presentation skill.

Public speaking can be another best way of enlightening our presentation skill.


·       2. Noting Vocabulary while reading in ‘How to be fluent English speaker.’

    Vocabulary is one of the major facts is speaking. Knowing much words make one to speak fast without searching for meaning while speaking. Vocabulary range also remove the fear of grammatical errors.

The best way of memorizing vocabulary is noting new words while reading a text and memorize them immediately. Make a note book of only those words those you find in you academic text, memorize them. It will work as a helper in your academic study and also in your speaking.


·       3. Learn Basic Grammatical Rules in ‘How to be fluent English speaker.’

    Basic grammar is must in fluent English speaking. Without basic grammar, it will be tough to make sentences while speaking in English.

For being strong in basic grammar, we should make good command on Tense, Preposition, Number, Person.


·       4. Daily Practice to be fluent English speaker:

    To be a fluent English speaker, practicing daily is must. You have to speak with someone daily at least 5 minutes. It will make you mind flexible to accept English as your own language.

For daily practice, you can describe your day / daily routine / news.


·       5. Imitation in How to be a fluent English Speaker'.

        After making basic strong, one important task is to mimic English speakers to make your pronunciation and accent clear and much pure.

One can imitate a native speaker’s speech, news reader’s uttering style, dialogues of a movie. Making conversation with a native English speaker is a best way of improving speaking style and pronunciation.


        6. Self-test to be fluent English speaker:

        You can make self-tests to judge your speaking ability. Recording with your phone or pc is a better way in this case. You can record a one minute speech without preparation. Then, listen to the record, find mistakes, find lost points to be discussed and make a new record by fulfilling all of these.


I wish, you will be a fluent English speaker soon.

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How to be fluent English speaker – Physical Tasks

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