Male characters in 'Riders to the Sea' and 'Hamlet'.

Elizabethan and Jecobean drama

male characters in 'Riders to the Sea

  Discuss depiction of male characters in 'Riders to the Sea' and 'Hamlet'.

 Riders to the Sea and Hamlet are the two prominent creations of J.M. Synge and W. Shakespeare respectively. Some male characters play the main rule in these dramas. The central male characters of Hamlet are Hamlet,Claudius,Old Hamlet and Polonius. Hamlet acts as the protagonist here. He kills his uncle Claudius who woos his mother and captures the reign. Polonius is the father of Ophelia who intrigues against Hamlet. Old Hamlet doesn't appear in the play,but stays as the means of rage.
In Riders to the Sea,Bartley and Michael are the two drowned sons of Maurya who are the salient male characters of the play. Firstly,Bartley was alive while the death news of Michael had arrived. But,by riding on sea,he also accepted the same fate as his brother.

  By judging the two plays,we may trace both manifesting male dominion. In Hamlet,Gertrude and Ophelia are the puppet of their male family members. By killing Old Hamlet,Claudius weds Gertrude wherein she doesn't have even any permission to make decision to the wooing. Further,Ophelia also misguided Hamlet by her father's intrigue and eventually she herself went to mad after her father's killing.
To calculate Riders to the Sea,Maurya's entreaty wasn't a matter to her lost son and other drowned family members. Bartley refused her appeal of not to ride on the sea. It uncovers male dominion in the society.

                Every society expects an equal distribution of power and dominion of several genders. Male and female both are the pedestal of the society,both contribute to build it up. In addition,both sex have same right to survive in the society. Therefore,the society urges equal right and respect of opinion of other gender to the buck of man. Society requires juxtaposition of power and confession of deeds without pointing lower sex or gender.

                If we assume the deeds and outlook towards the women folk,we may reveal without any doubt that the male dominion of these plays don't cope up with the expectations of an actual ideal society. They preserves the idea that women are the objects of enjoyment. Their opinion isn't a fact to be accepted. We acknowledge this in the incident of Bartley's refusal of his mother's appeal in Riders to the Sea and Claudius' wooing of Gertrude without caring for her decision in Hamlet.

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