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IELTS Speaking Parts - Introduction

IELTS speaking model questions with answers.

IELTS Speaking Parts - Introduction:

Part 1: Here, The examiner asks the candidate about him/herself, his/her home, work or studies and other familiar topics.

Part 2: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Part 3: Here, you will have to discuss with the examiner.

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                                Model - 1

Part -1 (IELTS speaking Model Questions and Answers):

Q - What’s your name?

- My name is Muhammad Osman and my friends call me Osman.

Q - Where do you live?

- I have to houses. One is in the town and another is in my village. And I live in my village home.

Q - How many people live in your village?

- Approximately 2000 people live in my village but most of the villagers have migrated to London and town.

Q - Do you like your village home? Why/Why not?

- I enjoy both living in village and town. Sometimes I love my village home for fresh environment and sometimes I like town for better facilities.

Q - Which one do you prefer? Village or town?

- Both have different advantages. To contradict each other, I prefer my village home. And currently I am staying here.

Q - Which thing you don’t like about your home?

- Most of the time, I feel disturbed by the noise of children. It obstacles my study and I don’t like it at all.


Part - 2 (IELTS speaking Model Questions and Answers)

Describe a person who influenced your life goal.

You should say:

              Who is he/she?

              When you met him/her?

              How long you were with him/her?

              and explain why you were influenced by that person.



 There are many persons I experienced in my lifetime. But fewer of them influenced me strongly. Sir Rofik Uddin is in the peak of the list who influenced my thought and goal. When I was a secondary school student, he came in our house as a lodging master. Within few days, his personality attracted all of us. He accompanied me till my varsity admission. He was a man of action and a strong willed person. I learnt how to act strongly in a worse situation from him. Furthermore, he was a devotee of ethics. His stern disciplined life influenced my mind and soul. I used to be thrilled to see his way of life. His stiff personality also made him a man of high revere.


Part - 3 (IELTS speaking Model Questions and Answers):

* Discussion topics:

Q - What kind of qualities normally attract other people?

              - Skill and ethical qualities normally attract people much. Some persons achieve better skills of several things and apply them in their practical life. Other persons follow it to improve their way of life. Further, those people who adorn themselves with ethics and be ethical in their whole life, they become a pioneer to the common mass.

Q - How do some people influence others in a society? What kind of features they have?

              - People influence others by their high qualities and skills in a society. The influential persons possess a refined personality, a strong will and a mild behavior that wins people’s heart. They don’t make people hurt by their lips or deeds.

Q - Does influence of other people improve one’s carrier? What do you think?

              - Partially it can, I think. To reach one’s goal, he should build his skills and efficiency. He should select his destination and toil until he achieve it. If he follow someone or be influenced by a great person, it will add mobility in his way.

Q - Is it wise to follow someone to achieve future goal?

              - Surely it is. If someone follow an efficient person, his way of performing tasks, his behavior, his style of presenting a task; it will affect him also. Then his skills will be also improved. Further a person will find his lacks and will cover it easily by following a better person. So, I think we should follow best practices of other successful people.

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