Literary Criticism - Brief Suggestion, The Metaphysical Poets, Criticism Brief Solution

Literary Criticism - Brief Suggestion | Criticism Brief Solution, The Metaphysical Poets, The Metaphysical Poets brief suggestion, Try.Fulfil

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Literary Criticism - Brief Suggestion | Criticism Brief Solution, The Metaphysical Poets, Try.Fulfil

Criticism Brief Solution, The Metaphysical Poets

The Metaphysical Poets - Brief Suggestion by Try Dot Fulfil

Criticism Brief Solution, The Metaphysical Poets, Try.Fulfil

1. How does Eliot brand Grierson's "Metaphysical Poetry"?

Ans. Brands it as a so-called school of poetry.

2. To which period of literature does the poetry of Donne belong?

Ans. The late Elizabethan period.

3. What is Eliot's brief comment on Grierson's anthology?

Ans. it is a "piece of criticism, and a provocation of criticism."

4. Who was T.S. Eliot?

Ans. Great poet, critic, and dramatist of the 20th century.

5. What is, according to Eliot, extremely difficult about the metaphysical poetry?

Ans. It is extremely difficult to define metaphysical poetry, and to decide who metaphysical poets are and which poems are metaphysical.

 6. Who are the two poets whom Eliot considers nearer to Donne than any other poets?

Ans. Marvell and Bishop King.

7. How does Eliot characterize the work of the seventeenth century?

Ans. As "more often named than read, and more often read than profitably studied."

8. What is the poetic device used by both Donne and Cowley?

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(Criticism Brief Solution, The Metaphysical Poets, Try.Fulfil)

Ans. The device is the elaboration of a figure of speech.

9. What simile is involved in the lines from Donne’s poem A Valediction quoted by T.S. Eliot?

Ans. A simile between a geographer's globe and the tear of the poet's beloved.

10. Where did Jonson borrow from/ What did Jonson borrow from?

Ans. From the Latin.

11. What element of poetry is common for Donne and Cowley?

Ans. A device which is considered characteristically metaphysical.

12. How does Eliot characterize Donne's line, "A bracelet of right hair about the bone"?

Ans. As telescoping of images and multiplied associations.

13. Where does the force of the impeachment lie in?

Ans. In the failure of the conjunction, when the ideas are yoked but not united.

14. How is the language of Herbert?

Ans. Simple and elegant.

15 How is the language of the metaphysical poets / What is the general characteristic Of the metaphysical poets?

Ans. Simple and pure.

16. What kind of simplicity is observed in Herbert's language?

Ans. The simplicity of Herbert's language is carried as far as it can go.

15. How is the structure of Herbert's sentences?

Ans. The structure of Herbert's sentences is far from simple, but that is not a vice.

16. How was Marlowe as an Elizabethan dramatist?

Ans. He was of excellent intelligence.

17. What do the later Elizabethan and Jacobean poets express in their verse?

(Criticism Brief Suggestion - Try.Fulfil)

Ans. A degree of development of sensibility which is not found in any of the prose

18. By whom were the later Elizabethan and Jacobean dramatists directly or indirectly affected?

Ans. By Montaigne.

19. What method does Eliot suggest for defining metaphysical poetry?

Ans. A method opposite to that of Johnson, assuming that the poets of the seventeenth century were the normal development of the previous age.

20. How are thought and feeling related in Chapman?

Ans. There is a recreation of thought into feeling.

23. What similarity does Eliot find between Chapman and Donne?

Ans. In both there is a recreation of thought into feeling.

24.  In which case would the metaphysical poets not have been classified as metaphysical?

Ans. If the metaphysical poets are in the direct line of English poetry, they won’t have been classified metaphysical.

25. What were the general characteristics of the sentimental age?

Ans. The poets of this age revolted against the ratiocinative. They thought and felt by fits, unbalanced, and reflected.

26. Which century did a dissociation of sensibility set in?

Ans. 17th century.

27. What does our civilization comprehend?

Ans. Great variety and complexity.

28. What more than looking into hearts is necessary, according to Eliot?

Ans. One must look into the cerebral cortex, the nervous system, and the digestive tracts.

33. What does Eliot want to conclude about the "metaphysical poets"?

29. What is not a permanent necessity for poets?

Ans. To be interested in philosophy or any other subject.

30. In what sense, According to Eliot, is a poet better when more intelligent?

Ans. In the sense, when he is more intelligent he will have more interests.

31. What does Eliot think about looking into our hearts?

Ans. Looking into our hearts is not looking deep enough.

32. What in the metaphysical poets, does Eliot praise though he admits that they had faults?

Ans. Eliot praises that they are neither quaint nor fantastic, but great and mature poets.

33. What does Eliot want to conclude about the "metaphysical poets"? 

Ans. The metaphysical poets are in the direct current of English poetry, and that their faults should be reprimanded.

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34. What does Eliot regret about Grierson's anthology?

Ans. The omission of the poem "Dialogue between a Pilgrim and Time".

35. What is dissociation of sensibility?

Ans. The separation of thought from emotion.

36. How did Johnson, according to Eliot, define metaphysical poetry?

Ans. By its faults.

37. What does Eliot mean by 'sensibility'?

Ans. A fusion of thought and feeling.

38. Why is Donne more successful than Cowley?

Ans. Because in comparisons, he uses brief words and sudden contrasts.

 39. Why does T S. Eliot praise the metaphysical poets?

Ans. ( see question no. 32)

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