Literary Criticism Brief Suggestion, Introduction to Culture and Imperialism, Criticism Brief Solution

Literary Criticism - Brief Suggestion | Introduction to Culture and ImperialismCriticism Brief Solution, Introduction to Culture and Imperialism brief suggestion, Try.Fulfil.

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Literary Criticism - Brief Suggestion | Introduction to Culture and Imperialism, Criticism Brief Solution, Introduction to Culture and Imperialism brief suggestion, Try.Fulfil
Introduction to Culture and Imperialism, Criticism Brief Solution

Literary Criticism - Brief Suggestion by Try.Fulfil

1. What does Orientalism mainly deal with?

Ans. with the affairs of the Middle East.

2. What is Robinson Crusoe about?

Ans. About a European who establishes a domain of a feudal lord on a non
-European island.

3. What is Orientalism and when was it published?

Ans. The famous critical work of Edward Said, was published in 1978.

4. What was the result of Said's research on culture and empire?

Ans. The result was a series of lectures delivered by him at different universities.

5. What does Said say about the recent criticism?

Ans. Much of recent criticism has directed to narrative fiction, but its position in the history and imperial world is still ignored.

6. How does Said admire Dante and Shakespeare?

Ans. Dante and Shakespeare gave mankind the best, the realistic picture of life.

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Introduction to Culture and Imperialism brief suggestion - Try.Fulfil

7. What was Arnold's idea of culture?

Ans. Culture has a power to alleviate, although it cannot neutralize the ravages of a modem, mercantile urban existence.

8. What did inspire the Americans and the Europeans to fight for equality?

Ans. The grand narratives of emancipation and their protagonists.

9. Why does the author call culture a sort Of theatre?

Ans. Because various political and ideological causes engage One another in culture.

10. What, according to Said, is Dickens's Great Expectations about?

Ans. About self-delusion and the hero's vain attempts to become a gentleman without hard labour.

11. What history does Great Expectations reveal?

Ans. Great Expectations reveals a vast history of speculation about Australia, a "white" colony.

12. When and why was Australia established as a penal colony?

Ans. In the late 18th century so that England could transport there an unwanted excess population of criminals.

13. What does Conrad’s Nostromo forecast?

Ans. Unstoppable unrest and "misrule" of the Latin American republics.

14. Where is Conrad's Nostromo set in?

Ans. In an independent Central American republic.

15. In what Sense is Conrad a precursor Of the Western views of the Third World?

Brief Solution by Try.Fulfil

Ans. Because he has a tendency to deliver the non-European world either for analysis or for satisfying the exotic tastes of the Western readers.

16. What sort or view does Nostromo offer?

Ans. A profoundly unforgiving view that inspired writers to show contempt for the Western imperialism.

17. How does the author look upon the present world?

Ans. Neither pessimistic nor optimistic.

18. What surprising changes have occurred recently in the metropolitan cities of the West?

Ans. They are confronting large numbers of non-white immigrant populations asking to hear their voice.


20. What is one of the main subjects of Said's Culture and Imperialism?

Ans. The historical experience in relation to culture and aesthetic forms.

21. How, according to Said, is India projected in Kipling's Kim?

Ans. India is much beautiful but it requires a British handling to move forward for progress.

Criticism Brief Solution - by Try Dot Fulfil

22. When did America come out as an empire?

Ans. During the 19th to the second half of the 20th century.

23. What, according to Said, is the reality of historical experience at present?

Ans. For imperialism all cultures are involved in one another, hybrid, heterogeneous, differentiated and unmonolithic.

4 What is Said's expectation about American nation?

Ans. America will surely remain a coherent nation.

25. Why does Edward Said call New York an exilic city par excellence'.

Ans. Because it bears all the characteristics of the Manichean structure of the colonial city.


 Because a large number of migrants from all over the world flock here and asks to hear their voice.

26. What does the author feel as a citizen of New York?

Ans. He belongs to more than one history and more than one group and it is better.

27. What is Orientalism by Edward Said about?

Ans. About the affairs of the Middle East.

28. What is the connection between "Culture and imperialism" and "Orientalism"?-

Ans. Both of them are written by Edward Said.

29. Why do the colonizers deserve the right of ruling the colonized?

Ans. Because the colonizers were superior to the colonized.

30. Who according to Said, are the children of decolonization and why?

Ans. A new generation of scholars and Critics because they have seen in great texts of Western literature a standing interest in the colonized people.

31. What is post-colonialism in literature?

Ans. The study of theory and literature as it relates to the colonizer-colonized experience.

32. When does culture become a source Of identity?

Ans. When there is a difference between "us" (the colonizers) "them" (the colonized).

33. How does Edward Said associate 'culture' with art?

Ans. In the sense that culture exists in all forms of art whose main objective is to give pleasure.

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